Developed in consultation with patient safety experts and specialists, the course will support patient safety leaders striving to reduce risk, improve patient outcomes and share best practice. It is also an appropriate introduction to the subject of patient safety in the NHS for clinicians, administrators and clerical staff working in the NHS.

The course delivers:

  • A clear introduction to patient safety principles, current guidance and legislation
  • A long-awaited overview of what the current patient safety challenges are now in the NHS
  • An understanding of the systems approach to reducing error and discussion of the building blocks for a ‘just culture’
  • Case studies to support you in handling ‘never events’, and changing mindset and behaviours

On completing the course, you will:

  • Understand the meaning of patient safety as a systems issue
  • Know the determining factors of a safer culture
  • Understand the principles of a just culture

Buying the introductory course also gives you access to our brand new Covid Early Warning System COURSE.

The Covid Early Warning System course provides a more detailed explanation of how NHS England's COVID Oximetry@Home model works. It also includes links to the clinical references for the newest clinical research on improving outcomes and predicting severity of disease in covid-19.

On completing the Covid Early Warning System course you will understand:

  • the COVID Oximetry@Home model
  • that more lives can be saved in covid-19 during the pre-hospital phase
  • why patients need early assessment of their oxygen levels
  • why oxygen supplementation needs to be started earlier in covid-19 than in other conditions

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